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Air Cooled Oil Heat Exchanger

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We manufacture Air Cooled Oil Heat Exchanger in all range that begins from 250 Kcal / hr to 30000 Kcal/hr. and also more. Our Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are made from high grade components which assure high strength to the structure. We design and develop Air Oil Cooler as per the requirements of oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants, and refineries. It is mostly used where water is not available adequately for industrial applications.

  • This is the system by which fluid can economically be cooled where atmospheric air acts as a cooling agent. This system has specially designed radiator, made up of copper tubes arranged parallel and drawn thru aluminum fins with particular pitch to get maximum heat transfer from copper tubes to aluminum fins.
  • Here hot oil which is required to be cooled is made to circulate thru copper tubes total heat transfer from circulating oil to fins take place, then the heat transfer from fins to atmosphere will be by blowing air over radiator from Fan motor, mounted at Radiator back side. The total unit is fabricated in steel cabinet; Radiator and Fan motor are systematically fixed inside the cabinet one behind the other to achieve the purpose.
  • Fan motor of required air flow (M3/ Hr) is mounted inside, just behind the Radiator to suck the air from atmosphere and blow over radiator to remove the heat from radiator. The unit is online type; it can be connected directly to the system by using hydraulic hose fittings at inlet and outlet ports of the cooler.
  • This Cooler is always recommended to connect in return line of the system where the oil takes re-entry to main fluid tank by gravity. Here, the line pressure should not be more than 7-8 bar Max.

For selection
  • K Cal / hr = Lpm x Specific gravity of oil x specific heat of oil x Average temperature difference in one Hour.
  • + Factor of safety (%)

Salient Features
  • Rugged construction
  • Long lasting
  • High performance
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Withstands high temperature
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Assures economic operation

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Air Oil Cooler
Air Oil Cooler

Size : MM

Type : ABOC

Model Number : ELT05/08/ 10

Brand Name : ELTEK

Material : Mild Steel , Copper & Aluminum

Color : Off White/Light Gray

Place of Origin : HUBLI , KARNATAKA

Structure : MILD STEEL cabinet

Warranty : 1 year from date of Invoice

OEM No. : Elt 05/08/10

After-sales Service Provided : 1 Year against Manufacturing defects

Liquid Flow Rate : LPM

Truck Model : Elt05/08/10


Heat Exchagers
Heat Exchagers

Certification : ISO 9001: 2008 TUV NORD

Application : For Hydraulic Oil in Power Pack of SPM,s

Weight : Kg

Product Type : ABOC

Voltage : 3Ph 415VAC

Condition : NA

Power Source : Electrical

Structure : MILD STEEL

Warranty : 1 year from date of Invoice

Liquid Flow Rate : LPM

Maximum Working Pressure : 8 BAR

Process : NA


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